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There were so many things that could go wrong. What would Martin the Warrior have done in a situation like this? Matthias decided that Martin would have put on a brave face and trusted to a warrior's luck. And that was precisely what he was going to do."Thank you, Constance, my good and faithful friend," the Abbot murmured. He looked about him, shaking his head gravely."Do any of you know where a healer can be found? I don't mean one like those mice. I need a creature that knows the old ways, a gypsy, one who can cure anything for the right price."Matthias watched sympathetically as Dunwing fought back her tears. Gently he patted the widowed sparrow. "Greytail be mighty warrior to face poisonteeth alone. You glad War-beak be his eggchick."In Mossflower Wood, Ragear was struggling with the rope that bound him to the oak tree. He could hear far-off sounds, which meant only one thing. His Chief was attacking the Abbey.Matthias bowed deferentially to her. "Thank you. Dun-wing. You are a very brave sparrow. You put yourself and Warbeak in great peril, saving me as you did."Scragg made one final gurgling whimper and lay still. Cheesethief slunk off chuckling with satisfaction. Hidden in the ferns, Matthias and the baby squirrel held their breath in disbelief. They had seen murder committed!

The shield was a plain round steel thing of the type carried by the warriors of old. The years had not dulled its highly-burnished front. At its center was a letter M."Asmodeussssssssssss!"A swift rush of wings and Warbeak was gone."Belt? Oh, you mean this belt? Mouse always have belt for many long time. Not know where me get."175

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290Out across the meadow she could plainly see the Warlord's tent. In the strong sunlight the badger watched the silhouette of the big rat moving about behind the canvas. The main problem was that the tent had been pitched too far out of range for sling or bow. Unless the weapon was big and powerful enough to reach that far ... That was it!cheeky old hedgehog telling me to run for it. Couldn't go, of course. Dear me, no. That'd never do. Chap deserting his post; bit of a bad show, what, what? I prefer me own company, y'know. Present company excepted, of course."

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Alarm spread across Hugo's pudgy features. "Tell me, Jess. What dreadful thing has happened?"Cluny knew the value of fear as a weapon.

"Big skinny rabbit yourself! Catsmeat!"

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Together they inspected it. Built of stout timber, banded with iron, beset with florin spikes, the door did not appear to be locked. Yet it would not budge.It was fifteen minutes before one o'clock in the morning. Three figures crossed the Abbey gardens as the moon broke from behind a drifting cloudbank. The nearby pond was bathed in a silver sheen, parts of the sandstone wall reflecting back a wavery bluish light. Constance and Methuselah carried lanterns; Matthias bore the warrior's shield upon his arm. They ascended the wall steps in single file, acknowledging the murmured good wishes of those on sentry duty.Cornflower and Friar Hugo exited leaning upon each other, their faces crimson with suppressed laughter.A hush fell over the mice on guard as Cluny and Redtooth were let out on to the road. Swiftly, the horde gathered around the Warlord and his lieutenant. They awaited orders. Deputizing for Cluny, Redtooth called out, "Form up. Back .to die church, everyone."

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Matthias was staggered. "He knew about me! Martin the Warrior knew my name! Can you imagine that?"There was real peril negotiating the curve at the top of the arch. Hanging tightly to the spikes he had fixed, Matthias leaned out dangerously. There was nothing but determination and the strength in his paws to stop him from plunging down to a frightening death. Gritting his teeth, he made it to the apex of the arch. He reached over the stone ledge which divided the arch from the stained-glass windows above and, taking a firm grip, propelled himself upwards and sideways. His legs landed further along the ledge. With his cheek resting on the stone, he gave one last heave and rolled on to the safety of the ledge.The Abbot took his seat among cries of, "Hear, hear." There was much paw-shaking and fur-patting. Matthias felt deeply honored, but very impatient. The hourglass had to empty twice more before the crucial time he awaited. He stole a sideways glance at his companion. Methuselah could hardly stop his eyelids from dropping. The hard work they had done, combined with the nervous tension, were beginning to tell upon the old gatehouse-keeper. Matthias nudged him gently.


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